Senior Fraud: Tips & Resources 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Jul 22, 2016
Cons, rip-offs, flimflams, scams; there are many ways to refer to a fraudulent scheme, but one thing is for sure...deception has been around as long as people have. Unfortunately, senior citizens have become the primary target for many scam... Read More

Medicare and 'Under Observation' Hospital Status 

Posted by Steve Kurtz May 15, 2014
Just recently, an independent resident of ours with a history of back pain fell in her apartment and complained of pain upon movement. She was quickly taken to a nearby hospital for observation where it was determined that she would need to find... Read More

In Brief: Government Funding for Assisted Living 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Mar 13, 2014
Medicare does not cover most of the costs associated with independent or assisted living, including room and board or personal care. If a community offers additional medical services such as therapy and rehab, these may be covered. So other than... Read More

Making the Move: Helping parents transition from home to a senior community 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Jan 24, 2014
Remember the last time you took a really BIG vacation? Maybe you visited a tropical resort, took a cruise or went to Europe for 10 days. Think about the extensive planning that was required throughout the process and consider the... Read More

Antioxidants: Myth, Miracle or Mystery? 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Oct 07, 2013
With each visit to the supermarket or pharmacy, there appears to be a growing number of products claiming to be a major source for antioxidants. We’re told of the many potential benefits of antioxidants including mental enhancement, disease... Read More

Preventing Falls in Older Adults 

Posted by Steve Kurtz May 17, 2013
Falls are the leading cause of injury related death for adults older than 64 and the most common cause of hospital admissions for trauma. One out of three adults in this age range will fall each year, primarily due to one of several preventable... Read More

The Aging Brain: Improving Mental Performance in Older Adults  

Posted by Steve Kurtz Feb 09, 2013
By Steve Kurtz There has been a great deal of progress recently from studies measuring the effects of age on the human brain. While we still have many more questions than we’re able to answer, we know that after the age of 30 our brains begin ... Read More
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