Senior Scams Updated 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Feb 15, 2018
The following link is a good update to a previous blog and posted with permission from AT&T Internet Service. As new information arrives regarding new scams, we will continue to update this... Read More

Don't "Sell Short" Aging Boomers 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Nov 15, 2017
I read an interesting article in the latest edition of the Economist about the difficulty of marketing to aging adults. With the exception of age-related products and health supplements, seniors are rarely a target of mass produced consumer... Read More

Fall Prevention Re-Visited 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Aug 15, 2017
In September our community hosted an event to raise awareness of the dangers of falls for older adults. We served refreshments and charted a course around our property for residents and visitors to walk. It was a beautiful day and so we seized... Read More

Please, Cure My Cold! Misconceptions of the common virus 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Jan 15, 2017
I recently battled a cold virus, one which led to a persistent cough which lasted nearly two weeks. During my time of misery I received an abundance of varying opinions and advice from friends and co-workers on how to kick my illness. Skeptical... Read More

Keeping Music Alive 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Dec 31, 2016
"Hello Katherine, How was the music program?" The question had become a bit rhetorical I felt because the answer was almost always the same positive response each time I asked. But this time Katherine, who had been with us for more than 15 years... Read More

What About My Stuff? Downsizing before the move 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Nov 12, 2016
I recently clicked on a Yahoo news story of a neighborhood house fire in Windsor, Canada. The photograph of a sad toddler had caught my attention. She was holding on tightly to her teddy bear with a grim look on her face while sitting on the back ... Read More

Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance? 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Sep 13, 2016
In a previous post, I wrote about the two government-funded programs to assist with the high cost of long term care for the elderly: The Medicaid Waiver and the V.A. Aid and Attendance programs. Both programs pay out only after applicants are... Read More

Senior Fraud: Tips & Resources 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Jul 22, 2016
Cons, rip-offs, flimflams, scams; there are many ways to refer to a fraudulent scheme, but one thing is for sure...deception has been around as long as people have. Unfortunately, senior citizens have become the primary target for many scam... Read More

Medicare and 'Under Observation' Hospital Status 

Posted by Steve Kurtz May 15, 2014
Just recently, an independent resident of ours with a history of back pain fell in her apartment and complained of pain upon movement. She was quickly taken to a nearby hospital for observation where it was determined that she would need to find... Read More

In Brief: Government Funding for Assisted Living 

Posted by Steve Kurtz Mar 13, 2014
Medicare does not cover most of the costs associated with independent or assisted living, including room and board or personal care. If a community offers additional medical services such as therapy and rehab, these may be covered. So other than... Read More
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