Fall Prevention Re-Visited

Aug 15, 2017

In September our community hosted an event to raise awareness of the dangers of falls for older adults.  We served refreshments and charted a course around our property for residents and visitors to walk.  It was a beautiful day and so we seized the opportunity to exercise our legs and minds and discussed the health benefits of walking with those who participated.  Looking back on this event I realize that most of our focus centered around the benefits of walking and light exercise for maintaining muscle strength and balance.  What should not be overlooked however are many of the other variables which lead to falls.  Some of these include crowded apartments and walkways, tripping and slipping hazards, and weather related factors to name a few.  Falls result in more than half our hospital transports for independent residents and are the leading cause of concern for their well-being.  The good news is that unlike Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other currently incurable diseases, we already know most causes of falls and proven ideas for prevention.  So in place of fundraising and research, the challenge becomes education and awareness.  Luckily, the State of Ohio Department of Aging has created an initiative named Steady U Ohio.  The purpose for Steady U is specifically to prevent falls through awareness and education.  By partnering with communities, healthcare facilities and local governments, essential information can spread more rapidly and efficiently through a network of participants.  For valuable information on fall prevention please visit the Steady U website by clicking the link or image below.