Independent Plus

Our Independent Plus Program is an optional choice of various services beyond the basic leasing package of our Independent Living option.

This option offers seniors the opportunity to live and remain independent while benefiting from the various personal services we provide.

Safety Check

In addition to our 24-hour emergency response system, a staff member will check in on residents up to 4 times each day to be sure they are safe, secure and healthy. We will also make sure that they stay on schedule with their medication through our timely, periodic visits.

Laundry & Linen

This service offers the convenience of weekly personal laundry of two loads per week and a linen change once per week.

Trash & Tidy

This service includes daily trash removal and bed making.  Of course the resident will also continue to enjoy weekly housekeeping of their entire apartment.

More Meals

This program offers additional breakfast and lunch meals as requested with advanced notice.